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Sitting in the drivers seat of a the car we see Tommy Phoenix, Opening the window he shouts at the driver in front. The carís in the road are bumper to bumper. Horns are beeping away and shouting can be heard from each direction. Itís around midday, we are on a busy highway in Detroit. Tommy looks at his watch. It reads 11:15am.

Tommy: I havent moved an inch in this damn car in fifteen minutes.

Tommy hammers his fist into the steering wheel, the horn beeps again setting off the rest of the cars to do the same. Suddenly the door of the car in front swings open. The man, wearing a top hat, and a suit starts walking towards Tommyís car. Tommy smiles as the man gets to the door. Without saying a word the man stops, thinks about it for a second and walks away again.

Tommy: Ha, f*cking p*ssy.

Again Tommy checks his watch, 11:18am. With that he puts the car back into gear and pulls out to the right, the on coming traffic is completely ignored as Tommy spins the car along the road. Carís go left and right trying to avoid Tommy, but he just keeps going straight. He takes a right turn and heads off down the empty road. The car clock now reads 11:29am. We pulls up outside a small block of apartments. The block itself isnít bad, a window or two smashed here and there but remember this is Detroit. The front door is security monitored with a small camera dead centre. Tommy gets out of his car and walks up to the door. Pressing number 9 he waits. A voice comes from the speaker attached to the side of the door.

Voice: Hello?

Tommy: Hey Vanessa, itís me Tommy.

Vanessa: Oh, hey, Come up.

A buzz can be heard as the door springs open a little. Tommy walks in and is closely followed by us. Going up the stairs Tommy stops on the second floor and walks around the hallway. Stopping at number 9. The door is already open so Tommy walks in. Vanessa is sitting on the couch wearing only a small, silk, white robe.

Vanessa: God dammit Tommy, You could of told me these guys were with you.

Tommy: (laughing) Sorry I didnít realise you would be like that at this time of the day did I?

Vanessa hurridly leaves the room. Tommy sits on the couch where Vanessa was.

Tommy: Make yourselves at home. Iíll be ready to talk soon.

Tommy takes hold of the remote control and flicks through some channels. Stopping at one of the sports channels, he watches as VWFís Crucifixion card is announced. The announcer goes from match 1 on wards. Tommy waits. Up next on the screen is the words ďAvarice, Dirk Bentley and Tommy Phoenix vs. Dante and Damien, the Clowns. A smile shows on Tommyís face.

Tommy: I guess they didnít get enough of us whipping the asses of those two freaks last week. Yet gain though they throw this bullshit at us. Ok, so they arenít as talent less as The Frighteners but they are no where near the standard of Dirk Bentley or myself.

Just then Vanessa walks back into the room. Now dressed in white knee length pants and a tight, pink t-shirt. She smiles at the crew before sitting down next to Tommy. She looks at the TV screen.

Vanessa: Your opponents this week?

Tommy: Sure isÖ

Vanessa: Looks like a couple of mis fits dressed up as evil clowns.

Tommy: Thatís exactly what they are. Mis fits. Seriously they have no idea what is about to hit them.

Vanessa: Dirk again?

Tommy: Yeah, We worked well together last week. Who would of known it huh, A couple of months ago we couldnít stand to be in the same room as each other, yet now we are setting the VWF on fire. Along with Joey and Jack, There is no one that can stop us.

Tommy lays back on the couch, Vanessa rubs her hand through his hair as he sits watching the VWF pre-view show. A knock at the door startles the two, Vanessa gets up to answer the door. Opening the door she is greeted by a blonde woman, around the same age, slightly less attractive but fuck-able to say the least. The blonde realises the cameraís are there and gets shy. Vanessa smiles at her and shows her the way to the bedroom.

Vanessa: Weíll be through here if you need anything Tommy.

Tommy: Ok Hun,

Vanessa exitís the room and Tommy focuses solely on the camera.

Tommy: Damien, Dante. I will start off with an apology. An apology you ask? Well lets just say when Iím finished with you, you will realise why. You too, like the rest are just in the wrong match at the wrong time. Coming off of two straight wins each Dirk and myself are ready for more. I was expecting more competition. Maybe something along the lines of Chris Ponger or The Vox to begin with. But Iíll settle with what is put in front of me yet again. Hopefully soon they will realise that the so called superstars they are putting in front of us arenít worthy of gracing the same arena, never mind the same ring. Un fortunately for you, you fit right into this category. Donít get me wrong, I donít know you, I have seen you in action, but to be perfectly honest Iím not at all impressed.

Itís like this, you say your plan is to win gold and have all around fun? Letís just say gold is far from what you deserve. I will eat my hat the day you two win gold. Either tag gold or single gold. Fun? You may have fun, but this week at Crucifiction you will have no fun at all. It wont be a walk in the park, more like a walk through the shadowís of hell. We arenít your normal opponents, we arenít weak wrestler wannabees, we are the real deal and that is something you will learn to fear. Right now we are yet to get a big chance, a big break. But itís coming. That big one is coming soon, I can feel it. You are just there to keep us warmed up while we wait. Keep is going, keep us interested if you will. The adrenaline isnít pumping yet kids, what you have seen so far is nothing. Ask anyone I know, Iím not putting one hundred percent in yet. I donít feel the matches I have had so far warrant my best. Sure Iíve given glimpses but seriously itís hard to get motivated when you have opponents as lacklustre as what the VWF is giving us. Iíve given glimpses so that Viking King, and the rest of the VWF see that potential. They can see that I can do it, I guess they are waiting for the perfect moment to throw us the talent we deserve.

Grabbing the remote again Tommy switches off the TV. Looking back at the camera

Tommy: You look at us and what do you see? You see a group of guys and a girl complaining, we have you thinking there is an Invasion going on. Why is that? Itís not our fault former superstars from previous federations are showing up left, right and centre. Thatís their decisions. VWF is to blame for that, maybe the contractís they are offering are too good to refuse. Maybe they crossed the street in Vegas one night and cut a deal with the remaining roster of the SCW as it closed itís doors. Well by the end of this week you will see a different thing. You will see Jack, Dirk, Joey and myself standing tall, the four of us and only the four of us. We have no ďotherĒ superstars aligned with us. We donít have and we never will. Hell, there is enough friction in Avarice without bringing in new people. If you knew the history you would seriously ask the question, why are you 4 aligned together. Let me answer that. I know to be the best I need to learn from the best. They know that bringing me under their wing is nothing but good for them. One day I will be the best, an unstoppable force and well when that day comes Jack, Joey and Dirk can say they did that. They can see the Weakest Link turn into a fucking legend and well VWF is the place to do just that. Like Iíve said though, first I need to get better competition. I keep scratching wins next to my name but right now they are meaningless names. Dante and Damien your name will be etched in the history books next to mine. The book will read Avarice defeats the Clowns. Its that simple. Whether you believe it or not itís going to happen.

Better competition is something I crave. Something I need. Itís only the beginning of a long and successful career here in VWF so I guess in a way I understand why you have been named as my next opponent. But I can only show much patience.

Vanessa walks through the room and into the kitchen. Knocking Tommy off his concentration with the sight of her (use your imagination) juggling up and down. Tommy smiles, the scene is about to fade but suddenly Tommyís cell phone rings. He quickly zoom back in.

Tommy: Hello?

The face of Tommy turns red with anger at whatever the caller has said.

Tommy: What in the fuck are you talking about. I just seen it on VWF pre-view not twenty minutes ago. You know what tell the damn boss that is some fucked up shit.

Tommy hangs up the cell phone. Slamming it across the room. The phone smashes into tiny pieces as Tommy grabs the camera and places it on himself.

Tommy: It seems Iím no longer scheduled in a match at Crucifiction. Last minute changes in effect. Well lets just say the past half an hour of my life talking about my up coming match have been nothing but a waste of time. Iím now on Full House in a match against Blitzkrieg. Who? Thatís exactly what Iím asking myself.

Tommy shakes his head before taking a crew member to one side. Returning mere seconds later he sits back in the same position and again looks into the camera.

Tommy: Iíll be right back

With that the scene fades to black.

We return to the sight of Tommy Phoenix sitting on the same sofa as earlier, a laptop is on the table in front. On circling around behind him we see he is currently on Looking through the roster he finally spots his opponents name. Clicking it he is surprised by what he sees.

Tommy: maybe I should watch out for this guy? I mean heís obviously some Ninja type that knows every fighting style possible. Yeah right. I couldnít care less what belt he wears on top of his little karate robe. Blue, black, hey maybe pink will suit you. I had a Brazilian once too. I donít think her name was Jiu Jitsui. (I know, IĎm not stupid) Blitz, is it ok if I call you Blitz, because to be honest I cant be bothered to attempt to pronounce your name more than I have to.

You got some what lucky this week. Instead of the Wild Card Jack Diamond, you now get his under study. You get the guy he is helping. I bet your all happy knowing you are getting the weakest link right? I bet your thinking one swift kick from your well trained feet will end this match quickly? Well your wrong. You see, whether or not you know karate or Congan dancing, your chances are the same in winning this match as the fucking queen has of becoming pregnant.

Iím not taking you lightly either, its just the truth. Every kick or punch you throw my way will be countered and I will make a fucking mockery out of you. I will show that all the class room training in the world is not going to help you out. I have trained with the best, I have been shown the business by the best and Iím one of the best this place has to offer. It might not be known right now but you will see, you will all see. Iím not the punk kid I was 2 years ago. Iím far from it.

Reading the webpage he comes across something that does actually disturb him.

Tommy:You killed someone? That is a little sickening. But you are banned from proffessional fighting? If your banned from professional fighting then how the fuck you in this business. I may be mistaking but isnít the art of wrestling known as a sort of professional fighting? I may be wrong. 6 First round knock outs huh? Is that supposed to impress us? Wrestling isnít the fucking Pride championship, this isnít martial arts, Its Wrestling. Something I know Iím good at. Inside a judo ring or whatever you call them you may stand a chance, But in a wrestling ring, you stand no chance in hell. This is my domain Blitz. I was born for this business, I live, breath and bleed this game. You got more fire than that? Prove it.

You Can Hate, So Long As You Always Fear.

The scene fades.


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