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Who in the hell was that?

The voice rings out as our scene fades in. We return to the small motel room we seen only a few days earlier. Inside the room, the mess is un missable, beer cans all over, Food packets on the chair, the bed, everywhere. In the bed lies VWF New rookie sensation Tommy Phoenix. Alongside him is the gorgeous Vanessa. Both look weary eyed, like they have just woke up. Tommy places his cell phone that was in his hand down on the bedside table.

Vanessa: I said who was it?

Tommy: Woman shut your damn mouth. It was Dirk, Heís heading over.

Vanessa: At this time?

Tommy: Itís 3:30 in the afternoon.

Tommy rolls out of bed. Realising he has no under wear on he pulls the blanket off the bed revealing that Vanessa is also in the same position. He tosses the sheet back down and jumps under it.

Tommy: You mind?

The screen goes black as he hear a little movement, we fade back in with Tommy standing, wearing a white dressing gown. Cigarette in hand he takes a drag.

Tommy: What the fuck happened in here last night?

Vanessa: Like you donít know

Tommy: No I donít.

Vanessa: Forget it.

Tommy rolls his eyes and walks over to the drawers underneath the window. As he opens it the bottom falls out and his clothes go all over the floor. Picking them up he watches as Vanessa turns over in bed. Shaking his head he slams what is left of the drawer into the floor. The clock now reads 4:15. Tommy looks out of the window, sliding the curtains back to there original position he turns and looks at the dozing Vanessa. Pulling his jacket on he is nearly knocked over as Dirk Bentley enters the room. Barging straight in he looks at Tommy and over at Vanessa, Tommy shakes his head.

Tommy: Hey man, so weíre we headed.

Dirk looks around the shabby motel room. His eyes widen with every corner.

Dirk: What is this place?

Tommy: Not all of us can afford the high life just yet.

Dirk: No member of Avarice can be seen living like this, Itís a shit hole. Shit itís a shitty hell hole.

Tommy: Like I said not all ofÖ

Dirks cuts him off.

Dirk: Iíll wait outside, pack your shit up, or tell your girl to do it, yeah tell her to do it. Weíll get you booked in else where. Courteously of Moi.

Dirk closes the door behind him. Tommy looks over at Vanessa. He grabs his bag from under the bed and starts placing his clothes inside.

Tommy: The Frighteners? What sort of name is that? I mean come on. Krecam the Greater is a better name than that. Zombie Shovelman and Phoenix. Phoenix? That sounds familiar. Anyway this past week we, Avarice showed exactly what we were capable of. 4 different matches and 4 separate wins for each member. I won in my four corners match, Quite convincingly too. Jack, Joey and Dirk also destroyed what was put in front of them. The thing is, like we said on CruciFiction, They cant keep throwing dead weight at us, We will keep rolling them over and rolling them over. To be honest I got the call yesterday that this week myself and Dirk would be tagging on Crucifiction. My initial thoughts were of happiness. One week in and already they move us up, that was until I seen the opponents, The Frighteners.

I thought maybe this time they would give us a little challenge, instead they throw us the same old shit, only on a different show. To top it all off, Joey and Jack are again on Full House, Whatís the problem here?

I guess we just have to get on with it and take what is thrown at us. Itís been said that you can keep throwing the same old shit at us but eventually we will want fresh meat, eventually we will want to square off against the big boys, whether you give it to us or we make it happen. You see there is many things we can do to get under the skin of certain people, certain people that stand up tall and believe themselves to be the best, only to back down as soon as the shoe is on the other foot. As soon as they get the same shit back they back down and cower away. One thing I will never do is back down, not from Lee Ryan, not from Chris ďI StinkĒ Ponger, and not from anyone else. You hear me? So Iíll settle for the bullshit that is put in front of me, for now.

Zombie Shovelman, I guess you two were just put in the wrong match at the wrong time, You see, I am going to use you as an example, An example of why people like you should never be put in a match with a team like us. You and Phoenix simply donít have a cat in hells chance of walking away with a win. Avarice is not your regular group of superstars, No, alone we are dangerous, very dangerous, together we are simply putÖDeadly. We are un stoppable. You are in the line of fire and there is no escape, once we get into that ring there is no turning back for you. No way out and only one thing will happen. Get used to it.

Your probably sitting at home right now saying you can beat us. Your praying to god that what we say is not true and that you can walk away. I would seriously advise you to think hard about it. Didnít you just lose a tag match to the Clowns?

That shovel you carry around with you? It real? It real enough to dig yourself six feet under, that is the only way you are getting out of this one. Your partner, Phoenix, this guy seems to have a problem withÖwell with anything. Put a glass of milk in front of him and he will run away. Heís scared of everything, come on dude, even you could of gotten a better partner. The guy faints at the sign of a wrestling match, imagine him in the ring with Avarice, not only will he faint but the guy will have a fucking heart attack. I actually feel sorry for him. Sorry that what he is about to go through is far more than he ever tasted before. Never before have I met someone as weak, as scared and as stupid as him. The guy is a basic fuck up and well he chose the wrong business to be in. I am ashamed he calls himself by the name Phoenix. He looks the part, but sure as hell water he is miles away from being a wrestler. This is what I mean when I say VWF is throwing us the crap week in and week out. This is a no contest before it has even began.

I look around VWF and I see no one that could possibly destroy Avarice. Donít get me wrong there is some decent talent here, one on ones then possibly we could have a good match but two of us? Three of us? Or beating all four of us? Then there is no chance. Seriously you would stand more chance screwing Joey in front of jack then you would of actually beating us.

Frighteners, we are about to put the Frighteners up the VWF. Make an example out of you and as we did last week show the VWF that Avarice, Jack, Dirk, Joey and myself are not here to invade, but to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that we are the very best this business has to offer, and Ponger, DBR, and the rest of the championship holding superstars here in VWF, you better hold on tight because some where down the line we are coming, one by one.

Tommy zips up his bag, throws it over his shoulder and opening the door he takes a look back at a still sleeping Vanessa. He closes the door. Meeting up with Dirk outside the two wander off as the scene fades.

We catch up with Tommy only moments later. Sitting in the back of a white stretch limo. The car pulls overÖ

Dirk: Iíll just be a secondÖ

Dirk gets out of the car leaving Tommy sitting in the back.

Tommy: Before I go any further regarding Phoenix and Zombie, lets talk about the rumours of an invasion in VWF. No sooner do a group of superstars show up the whole damn place has called invasion. We are not here to invade nor destroy the VWF. We are here as part of the VWF, we intend to take over yes, but take over in the ring. We intend on showing just how good we are to each and every superstar on the roster. You lot can think up all your battle plans together, get all cosy and comfortable with each other and try and rid VWF of Avarice, truth is it just isnít going to happen. We are here to stay. Those titles all your boys are wearing are getting slack around your waists. They need new owners and Jack, Dirk, Joey and myself are just waiting in the wings for our chance.

We arenít your typical everyday group as I have previously said, we all have our own unique strengths and well weakness is not something any of us portray. I am right fully known in Avarice and the wrestling world as the weakest link, inside Avarice I know I am just that right now, Iím young, Iím a rookie, but I have three of the best, THE BEST, showing me the way and one day the VWF will see why the Weakest Link is still well above any of what you lot have to offer. It began last week, successfully I might add, it continues this week when two members of Avarice join together and show that what VWF has to offer is nothing compared to what we have. Drawing Dead isnít just a saying, No itís a fucking reality.

The car door opens again and in steps Dirk Bentley. Tommy lights up a cigarette as the cow boy sits opposite him, the two are in conversation as the scene fades to black. Opening up again we see what looks like a studio. Television camera's set up, cue screens as well as crew members running around like headless chickens. The room itself isnt a large room, more of an interview room than anything else. Centre of the small stage is a couple of lazy chairs, with a small oak table between them. A man wearing a black suit is sitting reading from a clip board. He adjusts his tie just as Tommy Phoenix comes into view. Tommy with his long blonde hair tied up is wearing a light blue shirt and a pair of jeans. Sitting down on one of the lazy chairs he crosses his arms as the production team get ready. Man: Ladies and Gentleman I'm Todd Shaw and welcome to this very special edition of Wrestle Info. Tonight our guest is an up and coming superstar, a former tag team champion and one of the newest stars in the world famous Viking Wrestling Federation. Good evening Tommy.

Evening Todd, Pleasure to be here.

Todd: Lets get right down to it. There are many questions the wrestling fans of today are waiting to be answered. First off, as a former tag team champion with Axle Vengeance, and a now member of Avarice, what is the truth behind your and Axle's split?

Tommy's face shows his feelings towards the question

Tommy: We didnt split as such. Look the guy is still my best friend. We were out partying not two days ago. Back when we were tag team champions was a different time. This is a new place, a new federation and we wanted to try something different. Go it alone so to speak. We both have the same agenda. We want to become the best, we both want to wear singles gold again. So it was a wise move for us, in this federation to go seperate. behind the scenes and out side of work we are both the same guys.

Todd: So why did you join up with three of your so called enemy's?

Tommy: Enemy's? Jack Joey and Dirk were not enemy's. Sure we had our dis agreements and above all else we werent the best of friends. But the simple fact is they see enough in me to know that I can be right where they are. As good as them in fact. So when the oppurtunity arose I couldnt say no. They showed me respect, they turned to me to give me guidance because they like what they see.

Todd: Your relationship with Joey Reyes wasnt exactly great though was it?

Tommy: At first no it wasnt, it still isnt. We've had our problems in the past but again she respects me enough to work with me. I know she has my back. There is alot of people thinking wrongly about Joey, she isnt the bimbo people are making her out to be. She is far from it. She has beating the best in this business and the "woman" you see every day on TV is no slouch when it comes to winning. Myself? I've been on the losing end to Joey on occassions. The VWF is in for a shock if they believe she is an easy win. Pinning her isnt as easy as it looks, unless of course your Jack, then you would put her on her back every damn night.

Todd: Speaking of Jack, How does it feel to be on the same side as arguebly one of the best wrestlers in the game.

Tommy: Lets just say Id prefer to be with him then against him, same as with Joey, people seem to be taking him lightly and that just ups the odds in his favour.

Todd turns to the crowd and the camera's,

Todd: We will be right back after this short break.

Tommy gets up from his seat and stretches his hand out over to Todd. Grabbing him by the throat.

Tommy: How about we talk about VWF, my opponents, hell the Royal Rumble would do.

Todd:(Trying to speak while being choked)Yes Sir,

The crew begin the count down to the show returning to air.

Todd: Welcome back.

The scene fades with Todd looking a little worse for wear after Tommy's out burst

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